Twitter that job!

Twenty software companies.  There are twenty software companies on my target list of places that I would like to go to work for.  Job search career coaches all recommend that you base a job search on a definite list of target accounts.  This makes sense.  Staying focused in a job search is a good thing.  Now, here is where Twitter comes in.  First, go to and get yourself an account.  It’s quick and easy.  Twitter is all about following other Twitter users.  I’ve found that CEOs love Twitter.  Especially, technology CEOs.  Go into you Twitter account, click on “Find People”, and search for one of your job search target companies CEOs.  If you find them on Twitter, click “Follow”.  Don’t expect conversations to happen between you and the CEO.  Do expect a stream of interesting Tweets, straight from the CEO, unfiltered.  This is a great way to learn what’s happening with the company, in the CEO’s candid words, in real time.  Give it a try.


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