Networking 101

We’ve all heard that a key to a successful job search is getting out there and networking, face to face.  For me, the challenge of networking has been to find the events that I should attend to “press the flesh”.  Think of the task as a marketing campaign.  You need to target events that are closely connected to the type of job you are looking for.  Ok so far, but where do you find events in your local area?  I have three favorites sources of events.  Linkedin,, and local colleges and university websites.  Linkedin is my personal favorite because it not only has an excellent event search engine, it also shows you who in your network will be attending the event.  I find it helpful to send an email to someone in my network and say, ” I see you are attending the XYZ Event, see you there.”.  Always good to have someone you know to chat with when you walk in. is another good site for finding events.  These tend to be the more informal get togethers of like-minded folks.  The informality makes for great networking.  Most of the events are free to the public.  My third source of event search is websites of local colleges and universities.  My local favorites are Babson College, and  MIT Sloan Scool of Management.  For some tips on how to brush up your networking skills, check out  Have fun!


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