Linkedin Groups and your job search

How do you separate yourself from the pile of resumes on a hiring manager’s desk?  The answer is to take a different approach in the way you reach out to your company of interest.  Applying on line to a job posting just puts you in with the masses.  The way to stand out is to apply for a position by is by having your resume get it’s own personalized introduction.  The idea is to search your connections for someone in your network that works for the target company.  Most Linkedin users know this technique and use it effectively.  But what if your Linkedin connections are not really connected to your target company?  This is where Linkedin Groups can help.  If you belong to some Linkedin Groups, you can search these Group members  for a connection to your target company.  You might send a Linkedin request to that person that sounds like this: “I know we do not really know each other, but I noticed that we belong to the same Linkedin Group”.  You can then go on with a request to learn more about the company, etc.  Give it a try. 

Good searching!


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