Employed but anxious

This is a common theme in the conversations I’m having with employed colleagues.  The working world has certainly changed.  I’m asked what kinds of things can folks do to prepare themselves for the potential of being laid off or replaced due to an acquisition.  The key is to never stop networking.  I used to think that networking was for folks that are not working.  Sort of, NotWorking events.  That has definitely changed.  When I attend a networking event now, there is a real mix of employed and unemployed folks.  What this means is that you need to make the effort to attend networking events even while you are employed.  I know this may sound counter intuitive, but it is a requirement of the changing world of work.  The other key networking activity that you really need to stay on top of while employed, is building those Linkedin connections.  The wrong time to build these connections is when you are looking for work.  Check your Linkedin page daily.  Look for opportunities to connect and Groups to join.  Here’s a trick to grow your Linkedin base.  Whenever you get a request to connect on Linkedin, look into that contacts list of connections for potential folks to add to your network.  Hope this helps reduce your anxiety.


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