Staying Positive

Staying upbeat is the number one challenge for most job searchers.  I’m no exception.  Lack of responses to job applications and lack of interviews can really get you down.  Keep in mind that the low level of activiity is not a reflection on you, it’s a reality of this job market.  There are some things you can do to keep a positive outlook during your search.

The number one recommendation is to channel your efforts into getting small wins every day.  Forget about measuring yourself based on the number of phone interviews or recruiter calls.  Focus on making headway everyday by accomplishing small but valuable job search tasks.  These are tasks that are within your control and contribute to your end goal of getting a job.  That feeling of completion helps raise your mood and contributes to your overall goal.  A great way to come up with these small but valuable tasks is to focus on the “marketing” of YOU.

Here’s an example of some marketing tasks that I completed this morning:

-Sent an email to an editor of Wall Street Journal, “Laid off and Looking”, offering my assistance with an article about creative job search.

-Sent an email to Dan Schwabel, Author of “Me 2.0”, to discuss possible partnering opportunities to grow our respective followers.

-Updated my blog, “Job Search 2.0” to include a more detailed description of my back ground in the About section.  This will help recruiters gain insight into my back ground.

-Created a Constant Contact email that I will be using to reach out to a recruiter database that was provided by a colleague.

None of these depended on the willingness of employers to call, email, or interview me.  This approach reminds me of the title of Michael J. Fox’s new book, “Always Looking up”.  Chin up and see the value of accomplishing small things.


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