Reaching the hidden job market

Have you heard the concept of the underground market of jobs that never get advertised?  If you are applying for jobs you find online, your missing out on potential job opportunities where hiring managers only rely on referred candidates from trusted friends and contacts.

Why are these jobs hidden and how can you find them?

Let’s use an example where you are very interested in a particular target company.  There are no jobs of interest on their career page.  You found the name, on the company website,  of an executive who runs World Wide sales for the company.  He does not know you and you do not know him.  The trick is to be introduced to this executive by someone is his “trusted” group of connections.
So you want to be connecting with execs by requesting an introduction via someone YOU know in there network. Linkedin offers this by clicking “get introduced”. Rather than coming in cold, you are being introduced by a trusted network member. Since you don’t know if there are any hidden or planned openings, always request an informational coffee with the exec.  Otherwise, the answer might be, “no current openings, sorry”.   I always close these requests with “the coffee’s on me”.   Before your meeting, do your homework on the company. Be specific about why the company interests you. You may only have 15 minutes with the exec. Have your 60 second pitch ready and have three questions for the exec that are relevant to current topics about their business. Be up front that you are interested in learning more because you are very interested in employment. I suggest that you do not bring your resume to these brief meetings. You need to create a marketing plan. A marketing plan is more concise than a resume and much better for a short meeting.  If there is interest, a resume can be provided later.  How you develop a marketing plan will be covered in detail in my next blog post. Stay tuned!


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