Blog about what!?

There’s lots of trendy job search advice out there in the Twittersphere about creating a blog to help your job search.  This is an excellent idea, but it begs the question, what the heck should you blog about?

If you are blogging for job search, and that is your primary objective for blogging, then you need to make sure that your blog reinforces your “personal brand”.  Your personal brand is your differentiation when it comes to job search.  My differentiation in job search is “Expert at Selling to C-Level Executives”.  You also have to have the chops to be able to claim your expertise or specialty.  You can get creative with your blog as a medium to get your personal brand out there.  For example, you could blog about Job Search from the perspective of your unique expertise.  I blog about Job Search 2.0 from the perspective of an expert in selling to C-Level Executives.  This provides value to your audience while at the same time reinforcing your personal brand.  So, if you are not blogging, you need to get started.  You will also want to point folks to your blog posts via Twitter.  Twitter is “word of mouth on steroids”.  So, identify your personal brand, blog about something of value to your audience, and let the world know.


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