Do you have a Marketing Plan?

There are two documents that every job searcher should have.  The first is the obvious one, your resume.  The second, a Marketing Plan is less well known, but just as important. 

You need to have documents that are specific for the requirements of different activities in your job search.  An interview is an activity.  Attending a networking event is an activity.  Everyone knows that a resume is essential.  No need  for me to elaborate.  But, a resume is a document that does not fit every job search activity.  So, here’s where a Marketing Plan comes into play.  When you attend a networking event or a one-on-one networking coffee as a job searcher, do NOT bring your resume.  You want to bring your Marketing Plan.  Your Marketing Plan is a one page document that let’s folks know your key differentiation, the industries you are targeting, and the companies you are targeting.  This is a document that is designed specifically for the networking event.  It’s concise, informative, and informal.  You want to have hard copies of your Marketing Plan ready to hand out.  When you meet someone at a networking event, and they ask what kind of work you are interested in, there’s your opportunity to use your Marketing Plan.  Don’t hesitate to hand this to a potential employer at a networking event.  It serves as a great introduction to your more formal resume, that you can email later. 

Here’s the format for building a Marketing Plan:  (Remember, keep it to one page)

  • Name:
  • Address, Phone, Email:
  • Profile: A short paragraph.  Use your 60-second pitch here.
  • Areas of Expertise: Add one word bullets here that highlight your skills.
  • Targeted Industries/Companies: What industries and companies are you targeting?
  • Professional Experience: Just company name, title, and dates.
  • Education:  School name and area of study.

If you have questions about developing contact for your Marketing Plan, please get in touch.

Good searching!





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