The Dog Days of Job Search

Hiring takes on a different quality during the summer months of July and August.  Sure, positions need to be filled, regardless of summer vacations – but, the summer hiring pace of activity naturally slows down.  Put this blog post under the category of  “don’t beat yourself up when things are slow”.

I was speaking with a recently laid off friend and neighbor last Sunday.  He’s been out for quite some time.  He made a great comment that we should all take to heart.  This may be the only time in our career life that we get to take the time to smell the flowers.  It’s so true.  Sure there are pressures and mounting anxiety over getting a job.  But – we all need to balance this natural anxiety with a little recognition that we need to make the most of this unscheduled time that we now have.  Time with the kids, sports, hobbies, travel – this is the time to give yourself a good dose of what you really enjoy doing.  The summer months are slow times for hiring.  Take advantage of the time and thank yourself every day for making the most of this time away from the daily grind.

Good searching!


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