The Eye of the Job Search Needle

The Eye of The Job Search Needle is that small space where your experience and overall background make you THE perfect candidate for a position.  Based on my job search experiences during this economic meltdown, there are some basic realities that have become very clear:

1.  Transitioning to a field outside of your “Eye of the Needle” during this job climate is a non-starter.  The only exception to this reality is if you have a VERY close friend that knows you well and is willing to hire you over all the objections of his/her management. 

2. The number of applicants for open positions is still growing.  This creates a sellers market for companies with open positions to fill.  This also creates a situation where employers can wait for the perfect candidate.  If you are trying to transition outside of your Eye of The Needle, you are wasting valuable job search time and effort.

3.  You have to focus your job search efforts on your unique Eye of The Needle.  If you have been an IT Security Sales Account Manager for the past 15 years, now is NOT the time to search for jobs selling Telecomm and Networking equipment.

Take some time and define the job and companies that match your Eye of The Needle.  Be the perfect candidate and win the job.

Good searching!


2 Responses to “The Eye of the Job Search Needle”

  1. Stephen Meier Says:

    Hi Jon: Yes, I have faced similar circumstances applying to positions outside of my ‘core expertise’. You can be the perfect candidate for a job, but there may not be any jobs open. Given the compression we have experienced this will be a frequent occurrence. In my case I have been lucky to find a partner with whom I’m starting a new venture in a different industry. So this is my silver lining is that I get an opportunity to change industries and also be leader of a startup, which I have always wanted and denied myself because of the great momentum I had in my career. So far investors have been receptive and appreciate our experience and give us the benefit of the doubt to translate it to a new domain.

  2. joncatwood Says:


    Thanks for sharing your experiences and happy ending. You have taken the ultimate step in taking control of your job search by starting a new venture. Isn’t it ironic that potential investors can visualize you in a different industry, but hiring managers have more difficulty? My feeling on this is that VC’s represent some of the best and brightest business minds. They can see the quality in a person and don’t get bogged down by putting people in a defined box based on expereince.

    Thanks for your comment!

    Mt next blog post will be addressing the topic of “having a Plan B”.


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