A Negative becomes a Positive

Statistics point to the fact that older workers make up a disproportionately larger percentage of the laid off workforce.  If you’re in the 50 plus job seeking group, this post is for you.

Age can be seen as a potential negative by employers in certain industry segments. The  technology industry comes to mind.  Other industry segments can be much more age-friendly.  If you find yourself with years of experience in a potentially age-unfriendly industry, all is not lost.  The key is to turn that potential negative into an overwhelming positive.  If you are in your 50’s, that means you have a wealth of working experience.  If you happen to be like me, most of that work experience is in a specific niche of a given market segment.  For me, that niche is sales and business development for companies that provide software for companies that develop electronic systems.  Focus your job search on companies that will put high value on your years of experience within a niche.  By default, your age becomes a major positive.

Good searching!


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